Healthy Hospitals Initiative (HHI)


Ensuring that the healthier choice is the easier choice



The University of New Mexico, Envision New Mexico is partnered with The Department of Health, Public Health Division, Healthy Kids New Mexico Healthy Hospital Initiative to expand and promote healthy eating and physical activity opportunities in hospitals around New Mexico. Hospital leadership and champions can promote the health of employees, patients, and communities by considering policies and practices that ensure that the healthier choices is the easier choice. Engaging healthcare communities to participate in these programs that support environmental and system changes is essential in light of the growing burden of preventable chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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Observational Scans:

Healthy Hospitals Food and Beverage Scan

Healthy Hospitals Physical Activity Scan


Hospital Wellness Director Interview:

Wellness Director Interview Script


Diet and Physical Activitiy Employee Beharior Survey:

New Mexico Diet and Physical Activity Behavior Survey 2015


Field Coordinator Resources:

Healthy Hospitals New Mexico SCAN Picture Upload Procedures

HHI NM Participation Confirmation

Food and Beverage Scan Presentation

HHI Questions and Tips for Completing the Food and Beverage Scan

HHI Year 1 Training

Physical Activity Scan Presentation

HHI Questions and Tips for Completing the Physical Activity Scan